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Many of you have had the opportunity of joining us during the summer Academy clinics to get an idea of what you can look forward to.

As this is a new program, different than any other program in the area and in US for that matter, we will be holding a meeting to better explain the entire philosophy and style of play. Here are some simple facts that will help you better understand the program. 


  • Academy soccer will be in conjunction with the current rec program and kids will be able to continue on with their teams.
  • Academy is for kids with birth year in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
  • There is no travel in season games (There will be opportunities for tournaments)
  • This is an 8 week, 4 hr per session intensive (Not regimented) program.
  • Sessions will be held on Saturdays in that later part of the afternoon.
  • There will no teams (Except in the case of forming them for tournaments)
  • Sessions will focus on one skill set per session for 1.5 to 2 hrs first half.
  • Sessions will end with free from instructional scrimmaging.
  • The cost will be $200 per player

The idea of the program is to take the most dedicated kids in the program develop a love and passion for the game. This will eliminate travel and focus on whats most important at this age, player development. Who really cares at this age if we travel nearly 2 hours to beat a team in Killeen? Not your kids and most likely not you. And did they learn or remember anything? Our program will put the top kids together for 8 weeks, give them high level professional instruction then let them get out and mix it up with other top players in their age groups. Imagine what that first season of select soccer will look like when our top players have already played with and against each other for weeks. 


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