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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 's- For Parents

Q. Is my child playing in the correct age group?

Most likely yes, as the age group options under Register Now are based on your child's birthday. The U in the age groups stands for Under, so if your child is 5 then they will play in U6 as that is Under 6. If your child is really good, then they can think about playing up an age level. However, no child is allowed to play down an age level.

Q. When do we wear red and when do we wear white?
A. The Home team wears Red and the Away team wears White. You are the Home team when the blue house is next to your team name. 
Q. Who do I contact if I have a question?
A. First look at the website as many questions can be answered there, then if you cannot find the answer there, then ask your coach. If your coach cannot answer the question, then the coach may contact the age group coordinator. This way the coach will know the answer to the question if another parent asks it, and it will prevent the age group coordinators, and commissioner, from fielding many e-mails with the same questions.
Q. Why does my team not have a coach?

LTYA is a 99% volunteer run league, and therefore all of the coaches are parent volunteers of players on the team. We do not know how many players or coaches we will have until registration is closed. If there are not enough parents that have volunteered to coach, to cover all of the players, then we will ask for additional parents to volunteer to coach. Also, if you have an established team, but the coach moves away, then we will ask for another parent from that team to step forward and coach.

Q. What are the rules for my child's age group?
A. The rules for all ages groups can be found here:
Q. How do I find out if the fields are closed due to weather?

The best way to get up to date info on the fields is to text "Follow LTYACoaches" to 40404. This will add you to the text list, and you will get a text anytime the fields are closed, etc. We also try to update the field status in the Website.

Q. Does my team practice during the week?

U7-U15 have practices during the week. You can look at the rules here: to see how often your child's age group typically practices. This is also based on the team, and practice info should come from the coach. The coaches will work with the schedule coordinator to set-up a day and time for practice.
U5 & U6 typically do not practice during the week, but if these teams would like to they can, there just may not be field space available at the LTYA fields. 

Q. How do the clinics work?

The clinics are broken into groups that go from station to station that teach them different soccer skills. For the U5/U6 time slot we ask that at least a few coaches and/or parents stay to help keep the kids organized. The clinics are free and are not mandatory, but are highly recommended if your child would like to increase their soccer skills.

Q. If I didn't order a uniform, but now I realize I need to, what should I do?
A. Please contact the manufacturer, Rangar Sports, directly.
Q. What if my child's uniform does not fit and I would like to see about exchanging it for a different size?
A. Please contact the manufacturer, Rangar Sports, directly.
Q. How do I know when my child's game is and where? 

There are a couple great ways to access your child's team schedule:

  1) Login to your LTYA Account and click on My Account. Under your child's name you will see the team names in blue, for all the

       teams they are currently on. Click on that team name and then click on the Schedule tab on that team page.

  2) Click on the game schedule link on the overall soccer schedule page on the website, also found at this link:

       This link also has the field maps so you can see where you need to go.

FAQ's - For Coaches

Q. Do I need to have soccer experience to coach?

No, we have lots of resources to help you coach. This link will take you to lots of great resources: 

Q. What are the requirements to become a coach?
A. You will need to pass a Background Check and complete some online training. All the details are in our Volunteers page:
Q. Who do I contact if I have questions?
A. First look at the website as many questions can be answered there, if you cannot find the answer there, contact your Age Group Coordinator:
Q. Who do I contact to become a Coach?
A. Contact our Soccer Commissioner, Steve Johnson
Q. I have questions about practices exercises, or need some advice to improve my coaching.
A. Our Coaching Materials page has a lot of information and advice for practices and games:

If you still have questions, contact our Head of Coaching, Keith Winton
Q. How do I return/exchange some of the uniforms for my team?
A. Contact your Age Group Coordinator
Q. Will my team need a goalkeeper?
A. U10 and older will use goalkeeper during games. U8 and younger use smaller goals and will not use a goalkeeper.

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