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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’S for Parents

Who can I talk to about my soccer questions?

You should reach out to your coach first. If they do not know or you are not assigned to a team you can reach out to your age group coordinator. Lastly, you can reach out the [email protected].

How are teams select/formed?

Teams are formed based on a number of criteria. I will cover these in detail.

1.     Player request for specific teammates

2.     Player requests specific coach/team

3.     Coach request specific players

4.     School attending

5.     Neighborhood

The main criteria is when a player requests specific teammates. If a player has not played in LTYA soccer or was part of a team that is no longer forming this season, we look to keep players that requests their friends together if possible. One of the main reasons kids play sport at young ages is to be with friends. For this reason, in rec soccer we attempt to keep friends together.

That leads into the second criteria – When a player requests a coach. Generally, the coach request will get many or all of the players, but sometimes the head coach is not returning or we get more requests for a coach than slots. This helps us keep players together, again based on criteria 1 but also those that want to play on the same team. Conversely, if a player requests NOT to be the prior team or requests a different team, that is honored over the coach request

The third criteria we use is when a coach requests specific players. This ensures that teams from prior years are given an opportunity to join their existing team. It also means those players have first shot at their existing team.

The last two criteria round out based when we have players that have not requested a specific coach/team or friends. A lot of times these are younger players moving up into older age groups or new players to the area. We look at school and neighborhood to put players together with others that they will see at their school or out playing.

While this is not a perfect science, based on the criteria above we will generally get about 98% of kids placed properly. However, we do occasionally make a mistake, or the system doesn’t record the comment/teammate request correctly. If that happens it is not intentional and you simply need to reach out to LTYA soccer age group coordinators and we will try to fix the mistake or inform you why a player selection was made.

When are team rosters posted?

Team rosters are posted 3-4 weeks before the season starts. This gives us about a week to fix any errors on teams and then submit them to CAYSA for insurance and coverage. All players must be rostered on teams based on the CAYSA schedule posted on

When are schedules posted?

Until we have finalized team counts we cannot form schedules. Schedules are generally posted 7-10 days after team formation is complete. As a general rule for LTYA rec soccer, U4 to U7 play on Saturday mornings and U8-U10 play Friday nights. Older age groups U11+ play in the CAYSA D3 league and are subject to their schedule.

When are practice times for my child/team?

U4 to U6 will practice shortly before their games, there is an allotted 20 minutes to practice.

U7 to U15 have practice times are decided on by the team & coach. Based on that the coach can request field space at the Field of Dreams or several LTISD facilities. We do have to pay for LTISD fields, so we prefer to leverage the Field of Dreams as much as possible.

Also, LTISD fields are time restrictions when we may use their fields. Elementary school fields cannot be used until 6:30PM at the earliest due to after care. Middle school fields cannot be used until 6:00PM. We do not have bathroom facilities at these fields for practices.

Where are games played?

Games for U4-U7 are played at the LTISD High School Annex field.

Games for U8-U10 are played at the Field of Dreams

Home Games for U11 & up are played at the Field of Dreams.

Are we the Home Team or Away Team? Which jersey do we wear?

Home Teams will wear red jerseys, and Away Teams will wear white jerseys.

FAQ’s for D3 Teams (U11 and up / born 2008 - 2004)

Your games are coordinated by CAYSA (Central Austin Youth Soccer Association)
CAYSA homepage can be found here:
CAYSA Calendar can be found here:
  • February 8th - U11-U15 Schedules will be released by CAYSA and team managers will need to coordinate game time, location, and refs
  • February 13th - U11-U15 Teams announced
  • February 18th - U11-U15 Practices start at Field of Dreams 
  • March 2nd - U11-U15 Games begin
  • May 5th - U11-U15 can have games until this date; the schedule will be based on CAYSA and your coach and team manager 
Schedule Info for U11-U15 Players:
Girls Teams: When the game schedule is released you will find it by clicking on a big G that will show up to the right of the DIII Girls in the photo below that is on CAYSA's homepage, and your team's Team Manager will also send out game info using the teams method of choice. 
Boys Teams: Same as above but you will click on the big B that will show up to the right of the DIII Boys.

FAQ’s for Coaches

Do I need to have soccer experience to coach?

While it is preferred, there is no requirement to have soccer experience. We have a lot of great resources for planning practices, videos of drills and tips available to get you up to speed. You can access all of these here.

What are the requirements to become a coach?

You can read all about the volunteer requirements here.


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