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Program descriptions are below. Register your child for all programs that read as their level appropriate.  More than one program is common and encouraged.


Come finish out the school year with fast-paced, short field style lacrosse games with your friends! 

intramural play, full rotations - Just get on the field and play! 

Weeknights at LTMS starting at 6PM and 7:30PM! 

Minimum 15-20 players per age group to make this happen - get your players signed up!
Tentative Schedule:

Wed 5/8
Mon 5/13
Thur 5/16
Mon 5/20
Thur 5/23
TBD Date

Spring 2024 Lacrosse

Lacrosse Spring - 2024

What: Offensive, defensive, and special teams preparation for league play

When: Two-weekday practices with eight games, starting the first week of February through Championships in May

Where: TBD

Fee: Senior (7th/8th grade) / Junior (5th/6th grade) - $574, Lightning (3rd/4th grade) - $449, Bantam (1st/2nd grade) - $349
High energy, up-tempo, individual and team development

•90-minute practices for 3rd – 8th grade; 60-minutes practices for 1st – 2nd grade
•Intramural scrimmages
•Eight regular games against local schools
•Offensive and Defensive Systems
•Goalie and Face-Off development
•Emphasis on gameplay
•Sessions organized by Dom Fin, 3x All American and National Hall of Fame member and Texas State Champion Coach and National Champion Keith Tintle 

Open to LT players grades 1st-8th ; 1st/2nd Bantam, Lightning 3rd/4th, Junior 5th/6th, Senior 7th/8th

Skill development for experienced players

Sunday, Jan 21st - 3pm
Saturday Jan 27th -3pm
Saturday Feb 3rd -3pm
Saturday Feb 10th -3pm
Saturday Feb 17th -3pm

Where: HS Annex field

Fee: $149

•Individual skill development includes but is not limited to shooting, dodging, and stick protection
•Individual IQ development includes but is not limited to defensive & offensive terminology, defensive sliding concepts, clearing, riding, and transition concepts
•Both individual player and position development
•Sessions organized by Coach Fin, 3x All-American and National Hall of Fame member, and State Championship Coach Tintle
Open to experienced players grades 3rd – 8th                   

LEARN LACROSSE IN 30 DAYS (new players)

What:  High energy, fun-filled, game-based way to learn lacrosse – no equipment required except for cleats
When: Sunday, Jan 21st -2pm
Saturday Jan 27th -2pm
Saturday Feb 3rd -2pm
Saturday Feb 10th -2pm
Saturday Feb 17th -2pm

Where: HS Annex Field

Fee: $149 for (4) 60-minute sessions. Tuition includes Powell Scout lacrosse stick.

· Game-based introduction to lacrosse
· Learn how-to pass, catch, cradle, shoot, and scoop ground balls
· Each practice is a bespoke progression for each age group – developing new skills every session
· Emphasis on individual player development and having fun
· No rainout dates, unless two or more sessions are canceled
· Open to LT players grades 1st - 8th; kids are broken up by grade for safety and to provide age-appropriate training (1st – 2nd, 3rd - 4th, 5th - 6th, 7th - 8th)


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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

The Role of Lacrosse Parents

You, the parent, are as equally important to your athlete’s positive lacrosse experience as the coach is of the team. In order for your athlete to get the most out of playing lacrosse, it is important that you do the following:

Be supportive of your athlete by giving encouragement and showing an interest in his team. Positive reinforcement encourages learning and fun. Look for every opportunity to encourage and fill your son’s emotional tank.

Attend games and practices whenever possible. Be sure to ask your athlete how he played, if he had fun, and/or his favorite part of the today’s practice/game - not whether the team won or lost.

Be a positive role model by displaying good sportsmanship at all times to coaches, referees, opponents, fellow parents, and teammates. In other words, don’t be one of “those parents.” We all know those parents. Instead, look for every possible opportunity to contribute to our positive environment – whether it be acknowledging another player on the team, or showing appreciation for the coach, or walking away from or frowning upon negative discourse.

Let your athlete set his own goals and play the game for himself.

Let the coach do the coaching.

Respect the decisions of the referee.

Read the rulebook. A full understanding of the rules will help you to enjoy the game and educate others.

Get to know who is in charge. Introduce yourselves to the leadership of the program (e.g. Coaches, Youth Director, Board members).

Get involved. The best way you can support your athlete’s lacrosse experience is by becoming a volunteer for the team/club. Volunteers are always needed to do some of the following:

  • Keep score
  • Run the clock
  • Keep stats
  • Organize carpooling to practices and games
  • Photograph players and games
  • Join the Board
  • Anything else that your imagination can dream up

Sit back and enjoy the game. Remember, lacrosse is played for FUN. These are the some of the best times of our lives – let’s make memories we’ll cherish forever.


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