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Q. Do you play on 10 foot hoops?
A. It varies by league. Kindergarten through 2nd grades play on lower goals. The 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade levels play on regulation 10 foot hoops. See our program/rules section for exact definition
Q. What if my child has never played before? Will he/she be at a disadvantage?
A. We are a recreational league open to all who want to participate, regardless of experience or skill level. In the younger grades (Kindergarten through 2nd) we have many kids playing for the first time. If they work hard at practice and on their own, they should feel right at home with the other players. In the older grades, your child may feel a little out of place at first, but our coaches will help him/her learn the game and will try to put them in positions to succeed. The most important thing you can do, as parents, is to be positive and encourage your child to practice their skills each day at home. As a side note, we've noticed that the ability to dribble well is the most important skill necessary to help a child feel comfortable. If you have a first year player, have them start practicing their dribbling today!
Q.  Why is LTYA no longer sponsoring competitive teams?
A. We acknowledge and understand that some families want their players, primarily older players, to play in a strictly competitive environment in preparation of middle school athletics. However, we recognized that the number of the older advanced skilled players wanting to play in our local youth league out-numbered those similarly skilled players who desired a competitive league only.  The decision was made to focus on improving our recreational sports program, so that even more players of advanced skill will be encouraged to remain, making the 3/4 and 5/6 age groups very fun and competitive. 
Q. Are the rules the same as high school basketball?
A. Not exactly. Most rules are the same as high school with a few modifications to accommodate the age of our players and the time constraints of our games. Each division’s rules will be posted to this website before the start of the season.
Q. Can my child "play up" in a grade above his/hers?
A. Some ages may play up one grade level. Kinder must play Kinder. 1st Grade Boys may play up to 2nd Grade Boys. 2nd Graders may play  up to the 3/4 grade level.  3rd Graders must play 3/4 grade level. 4th Graders may play up to 5/6 grade level.

What To Buy

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Q. What if my league shows "full" or "waitlisted"?
A. Since Basketball is the only LTYA-sponsored sport in the winter, registration spots are usually in high demand. Program capacity is limited by the gym space made available to us by LTISD--as a result, it's common for our grades to fill to capacity. If that happens, we will still accept registrations through the end of our registration period. However, those registrations are put on a wait-list, pending a cancellation by another player. Occasionally, we will make additional teams if a grade has high demand. Players are called off of the waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis.
Q. How do I sign up to be a coach of my child's team?
A. All of our recreational teams are coached by volunteer parents. Coaches can make or break the kids' experience. We try to select the best possible coaches from those who have a desire to coach. We usually have a high number of returning coaches who we select to coach again. However, each year, we select a few new coaches to fill vacant positions. Preferably, we seek coaches who have experience coaching youth sports or those who come recommended from fellow coaches and LTYA board members. If you desire to be a coach, indicate your preference during the registration process. If we have a vacancy, we will contact you during the week following registration. If you are not selected as a head coach, most coaches would love to have extra assistants to help with their teams.
Q. I'm a head coach, can I select my assistant coaches?
A. You may select an assistant coach from the parents of the children that are drafted to your team.
Q. What if I want to volunteer for more than one position?
A. Parents may volunteer for more than one position. It is common for parents to volunteer in more than one age group if they have more than one child participating in the league.
Q. Can I request for my child to be on the team of a particular player or coach?
A. We do out best to accommodate requests in the Kindergarten through 2nd grade age levels.  The 3/4 and 5/6 age group teams are selected via a draft wherein the only players automatically placed on a team are the child(ren) of the head coach.
Q. Will my child be on the same team he/she was on last year?
A. Generally, the answer is "no." During registration, we ask parents if they would like their child to be on the same team as last year. We do this for two reasons. First, we pass along this information to the drafting coaches. A coach may use this information to try to draft some of his/her returning players. Second, we want to give parents the power to choose a different experience for their child. Parents are able to request that their child not be on the same team, but experience a different coach and team. We will honor these requests to try a different team.
Q. I don't live in the Lake Travis Independent School District. Can I still register my child?
A. Yes! We welcome children from all areas of Austin. While you may have to drive further to bring your child to practices and games, we think we have one of the best youth basketball leagues around. We would be happy to have you participate in our league.
Q. What is the registration fee used for?
A. The biggest expense for basketball is the fee we pay LTISD to lease the gyms. This fee goes up each year. In addition to facilities, the registration fees pay for uniforms, professional referees for each game (most divisions), paid scorekeepers, training, insurance, maintenance items, equipment, and end-of-season trophies.
Q. We changed our minds. Can we get a refund of our registration fees?
A. Please refer to our LTYA Refund Policy.

Skill Evaluations

Q. Are there skill evaluations before the season?
A. Skill evaluations occur for those 3rd-6th grade only. They are a series of 3X3 scrimmage games with paid panelists marking offensive and defensive abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.        
Q. Is my child required to attend one of these pre-season evaluations?
A. All participants in grades 3-6 are required to attend the skills evaluation for their age--exact times will be emailed after registration closes.
Q. What should my child bring to the evaluation?
A. The only thing your child needs is non-marking athletic shoes and he/she should be in athletic clothes. Your child does not need to bring a basketball, as we will have sufficient basketballs there and too many balls in the gym can cause chaos.


Q. Where are practices held?
A. All practices will be held at Lake Travis ISD gym facilities, but we are unable to provide exact locations for each age group until our board members meet with LTISD representatives to establish availability.
Q. How many practices are there each week?
A. Except for Kindergarten, each team will have one weeknight practice per week plus one hour with our professional coaches. Occasionally, a conflict from the school causes a practice to be cancelled. Kindergarten teams practice immediately before their games on Saturdays. Practices are not held during any school holidays or Teacher Work Days.
Q. How long are practices?
A. Kindergarten teams practice for a half hour immediately before their games on Saturdays. All other grades practice for an hour.
Q. What should my child bring to practice?
A. Ultimately, this is up to the coach of each team. However, as a general rule, players should come dressed in basketball clothes, including their reversible game jersey. Wearing their jersey allows the coach to split up teams and have one team reverse their jersey for identification. Each player should bring their own basketball (which is the correct size for the grade he or she is in). Extra items such as backpacks, electronics, watches, and coats should be left at home, if possible. These items tend to get left behind after practice. Water bottles and food are prohibited inside of the gyms and must not be brought to practice.
Q. What if my child can only practice on a certain night?
A. This is a difficult issue. We are extremely limited on facility space and, as a result, not able to be overly flexible with practice times. Generally, coaches choose nights that work best for them and try to draft players that comply. We present player conflicts to the coaches and try to accommodate the requests. However, sometimes it is just not possible. If we cannot accommodate the request, we will be forced to refund your money (subject to LTYA refund policy) and remove your child from the league. Anything you can do to free up more practice availability for your child is appreciated.


Q. Where are games played?
A. All games will be held at Lake Travis ISD gym facilities, but we are unable to provide exact locations for each age group until our board members meet with LTISD representatives to establish availability.
Q. How many games are there each week?
A. Teams will play one game per week. Except for the possible exception of tournament games, games will always be played on Saturdays. Occasionally, a team may have a "BYE" or a double header.
Q. How long are games?
A. Kindergarten teams play shortened games after practices that shouldn't last more than half an hour. 1st through 2nd grade games will last just under an hour. 3rd through 6th grades games will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.
Q. What should my child bring to games?
A. Players need to come to games dressed in their reversible game jerseys, shorts, socks, and non-marking athletic shoes. Players generally do not need to bring their own basketball to games. Extra items such as backpacks, electronics, watches, and coats should be left at home, if possible. These items tend to get left behind after games. Water bottles and food are prohibited inside of the gyms and must not be brought by players or spectators.
Q. Will we play over the holidays?
A. No. Anytime the school district closes the schools for holidays, the gyms are not available for use. Official practice and game schedules will be available by the beginning of November.

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