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5th & 6th Grade Rules

5th and 6th Grade Recreational Division Rules 

(Updated 08/29/19)

TEAM FORMATION.  Coaches may bring their own teams in full or in part. A full team is 8-10 players.  Coaches that bring less than 8 players, will have additional players added to their roster so that all teams have a minimum of 8 players.  Coaches that bring a minimum of 8 players will not have a “free agent” player added to their roster without their agreement.  We do ask for coaches help in placing any and all “Free Agents” that register to play without a designated coach as this is a development league and for the kids.

GAME SETUP.  Play will be 5 on 5 with 10-foot goals. All games will be played with a 28.5" basketball. Teams must have 4 players to begin play. Coaches are to remain on the sidelines during games.  Teams may play with 4 players and compete to win the game.  Teams short on players may play with “pick up” players from another LTYA basketball team of the same or younger grade level and if they do so, they forfeit the game.  A forfeited game shall result in a recorded score of 15-0. Home team should wear red and visitor should wear black.  

SCORING KEEPING. Score will be kept for all games. All scorekeeping will be performed by team designees.  Home team will handle the clock and Visiting team will handle the book unless the teams otherwise agree.  Scorebooks will be provided by LTYA.  Scorekeepers must record players entering the game at the beginning of each quarter and at the half-quarter, and must records the number of fouls per player and per team.  Time and scorekeepers are not part of the game and should conduct themselves accordingly.  If either have a questions, they should ask an official.
Posting Scores – Scores will be posted the week following the games and reported with a maximum point differential of 15 points. Ie: If the actual score was 41 to 18 the score will be posted as 33 – 18.

REFEREES.  All games will be officiated by two paid on-court referees. If one referee is a no show, a substitute referee may be chosen and agreed upon by both coaches. If both referees are a no show, one substitute referee should be chosen and agreed upon by both coaches.

TIMING.  Games consist of four 10 minute quarters (continuous clock) with play stopped every 5 minutes on dead balls to allow for substitutions. Halftime is 3 minutes. The play clock will be stopped on all; dead balls in the last minute of the 2nd quarter and the last two minutes of the 4th quarter. The clock will stop on all free throw attempts and injuries throughout the game. Overtime will not be played in regular season. In the post-season tournament, there will be a 2-minute overtime period in the event of a tie. If additional overtime periods are needed after the initial overtime period, there will be continuous 2-minute sudden death overtime periods and the first team to score is the winner.   During overtime the play clock will be stopped on all dead balls.


Effective 2/1/2020….should a team get a 20 point or more lead, the clock will run continuously only stopping for timeouts, injuries, player substitutions every 5 minutes or as directed by the officials.. If the trailing teams narrows the lead to 12 points or less, timing shall revert to standard timing above.


TIMEOUTS.  Each team has two 60-second timeouts per half and one 60-second timeout per overtime period with no carryover to the next half or overtime period. At the end of each 5-minute "half-period" coaches will have 30 seconds to make substitutions and man-to-man assignments.

PLAYING TIME.  All players must play at least half of the game, defined as 4 "5-minute increments."  Every player must sit one 5 minute segment/increment unless the team only has 5 players for the majority of the game.  Players must check in at the scorers table before entering the game.  Both coaches are responsible for checking with the scorekeepers at half time & at the end of the 6th segment to ensure that they are on track to correctly substitute.  If a player leaves the game due to injury or other circumstance, early in the 5-minute increment (first 2.5 minutes), the playing time should be recorded for the substituting player.  If the player leaves the game late in the 5-minute increment (second 2.5 minutes) the playing time should be recorded for the player leaving the game.  If the player is able to return to the game, he/she should still play half of the game as normal.  If a player arrives late to a game or must leave a game early, the coaches of both teams should consult with the scorekeeper and agree on an alternative for that game.  In the case of overtime periods, a coach may play any players without restrictions.  Both coaches & the officials should actively work during the game to make sure all substitution rules are followed.  Coaches failing to abide by the substitution rules in any game will forfeit that game.

SUBSTITUTION PROCEDURE:  Players must present themselves to the scorer table and be kneeling at the table prior to substitution.  Substitution will be completed at the dead ball closest to the 5-minute increment.   Teams will have 30 seconds to make the proper player substitutions (treated like a 30 second time out).

Duplicate Numbers. No technical foul will be enforced in the event of a duplicate numbers (usually do to a player wearing a previous years uniform).  If a team is initially provided jersey’s with duplicate numbers, they need to contact the LTYA office at [email protected] or 512-261-1900 to get a new jersey.  In the event of a duplicate number during a game, the coach/official should correct the duplicate number by applying tape (usually available in the First Aid Kit at the Gym) or other identifying mark.  In the event of an unresolved duplicate number, if in the officials sole discretion, he/she feels the score keeper is purposely giving fouls to the incorrect player, the official may at his/her sole discretion issue a technical foul to the scorekeepers team after an initial warning.  

FOULS & FREE THROWS.  Fouls will be strictly enforced. Free throws will be awarded according to High School rules, meaning 2 shots awarded to each player fouled in the act of shooting, "1 and 1" awarded for 7 or more team fouls in a half and 2 shots for 10 or more team fouls in a half. Players may not jump over the foul line when shooting free throws. Players, other than the shooter, may enter the lane once the ball leaves the shooters hand. The shooter may not enter the lane until after the ball has hit the rim. A player fouls out of the game after committing a 5th foul. Fouls committed away from the ball during the last 4 minutes of the game, will be considered intentional fouls. Intentional or flagrant foul will be called as technical fouls and two free throws plus the ball out of bounds will be awarded to the opposing team. Any player or coach who commits two technical fouls in a season will be ejected from the game at which the second technical was given and automatically forced to sit out the following game as well. The referee coordinator will review all technical foul circumstances with the Basketball Board which may, at its discretion, impose more severe penalties.

THREE POINT BASKETS.  Shots made from behind the 3-point line will count as 3 points.

.  Double-dribbling, traveling, 3-Seconds in the key, 5-seconds to in-bound, and 5-seconds "closely guarded" will all be strictly enforced.

FRONT-COURT DEFENSE.  When an offensive player is in the front court, there are no defensive restrictions. The defense may play man-to-man, zone, or any combination of the two.

BACK-COURT DEFENSE.   When an offensive player is in the back court, there are no defensive restrictions in the second half ONLY.  Full court presses are allowed in second half ONLY.  Throughout the entire game, offensive teams have 10 seconds to advance the ball past half court.  NO full court press if team up by 10 points or more.

ALTERNATING POSSESSION.  Games will be started by a jump ball at center court. From that point forward, possession will alternate after tie-ups and at the end of the 20-minute halves, but not at the end of the half-quarter substitution periods. After half-period play stoppage, the ball should be returned to the team who possessed the ball when time was called for substitutions. All overtime periods will be started by a jump ball at center court and possession will alternate for the remainder of that overtime period.

POST SEASON TOURNAMENTS.  A tournament will be held at the end of the regular season. Seeding for the post-season tournament will be based on regular season records. Seeding tie-breakers: 1) head to head; 2) points for with a max of +15 per game; 3) point differential (point differential is limited to 15 points per game); and 4) coin flip. 

GYM ETIQUETTE.  Non-marking sneakers are required at all practices and games. Food and drink (including water bottles) of any kind are not allowed in the school except players may have water on the bench with them. Post game snacks are discouraged and are not allowed inside the schools. All players and coaches should be at the gym 10 minutes before game time. Players and siblings should not play in or roam around the school hallways or bathrooms. All LTISD school equipment should be left as is and not sat or climbed upon. Siblings or players from other teams are not allowed on the court during other teams' games (this includes during half time and time outs).  Parents, coaches, and players should respect LTISD-appointed gym monitors and obey any instructions given by them. 

BENCHES.  One head coach and one assistant coaches are allowed on the bench.  No non-coaching parents are allowed to sit on or be near the team benches unless there is an injury. 

Parents should refrain from yelling at or openly criticizing a player, referee, or coach. Any misconduct by parents should be reported to the grade coordinator, basketball commissioner, or LTYA office, and will be reviewed by the LTYA Basketball Board. Misconduct may result in suspension as permitted by LTYA.

COACHING CONDUCT.  Coaches are the foundation of our league. Players and parents rely on coaches to give each child a positive, learning experience. Coaching is a privilege that can be revoked at any time. Coaches must abide by the Code of Conduct agreed to during registration. Specifically, coaches should refrain from yelling at or openly criticizing a player, referee, coach or parent. Coaches should strive to enforce the "spirit" of the rules instead of stretching rules to their limits. Any misconduct by coaches should be reported to the grade coordinator and will be reviewed by the LTYA Basketball Board. Misconduct may result in suspension and/or loss of coaching privileges across LTYA sports.

League Administrator – In all cases the League Administrator has the overriding authority to interpret, amend and adjust the rules in the best interest of the kids.

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