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Bronco Rules

In general, the rules of PONY Girls Softball will govern the Bronco Softball league.   These rules are to be followed and adhered to except as noted below.  Local rules as outlined will take precedence (at games played LTYA fields) over the otherwise accepted rules of the game.


Pre/Post Game Duties

Before the Game:  Home team should chalk the lines, the batters box, base coaches box and on-deck circles as needed in preparation for game play.  

After the Game:   Home team to ensure that the field lights are turned off after night games.

League Guidelines

  1.   The Head Coach is responsible for the behavior of coaches, players and spectators.
  2.   The Home team shall occupy the 3rd base dugout, be responsible for keeping the official scorebook and must rake and chalk the field prior to    the start of the game.
  3.  The Home team is also responsible for the scoreboard.
  4.   Run rule in effect, which will end game: 12 run lead after 3 innings, 10 run lead after 4 innings, 8 run lead after 5 innings
  5.  75 minute games; finish the inning.
  6.  Game will be over if 75 minute time limit has expired and losing team cannot win (unless umpire and coaches agree otherwise if this is the last game of day).


  1.      There will be a 4-run limit per inning.
  2.      Teams must bat the full lineup.  If a player arrives late, she is placed at the bottom of the line up (or per PONY rules as noted by umpire).
  3.     A team may play with as few as seven (7) players but outs are taken at spots #8 and #9.  With eight (8) players, an out is taken at spot #9.
  4.     Leading Off is allowed once the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.  "Look Back" rule is in effect.  


  1. Pitchers are allowed five (5) warm-up pitches or 60 seconds before each inning (this includes the first inning). All new pitchers coming in the middle of an inning will be allowed (5) warm-up pitches or 60 seconds.  If no catcher is in place to start the warm up, a coach or player should be provided.
  2. The team must field at least 2 pitchers by the end of the 4th inning. This rule applies only to LTYA teams, but should be explained to opposing team as local rules.
  3. Each player must play a minimum of one (1) full inning at any position by the end of the 3rd inning and at least two (2) full innings at any position by the end of the 4th inning UNLESS A PLAYER ARRIVES TO THE GAME LATE 

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